Find out how much could you raise through crowdfunding
We helped more than 600 individuals and organizations raise over $4,500,000. Using our experience and knowledge we acquired, we put together this calculator to help you estimate how much money you could raise.
Let's talk about  your initiative

The next few questions are designed to help us understand what you are looking to raise money for.
What are you looking to raise money for? *

In 1-2 sentences, please describe what you are looking to raise money for and its relation to the Jewish community and/or Israel (if its not obvious). Please provide information about more than what it is you are looking to raise money for, but also the impact it will have.
What is the category of your initiative? *

If you had to choose only one category for your initiative, what would that be?

Let's talk about your team

The success of a crowdfunding campaign highly depends on the team behind it. The next couple of questions gather information about your team.
How big is your team? *

By "team" we mean the people that are going to be heavily involved in running the campaign by spending considerable amount of time on it. HINT: teams typically raise more than individuals. If you are doing this alone, please put "1".
How many hours can you spend per week on your campaign? *

Once the campaign goes live, how many hours can you and your team spend on the campaign every week? For example, if you are 3 people doing this and each one can spend 5 hours per week, please enter "15".
Have you used crowdfunding to raise money before? *

Do you or anyone else on your team have experience with using crowdfunding in order to raise money?
Did you try raising money for this particular initiative using crowdfunding before? *

Let's talk about your current audience

The next few questions gather information about your existing audience (i.e. potential supporters whom you can reach easily). You should take into account the audience of your whole team.
How many people can you reach on social media through personal profiles? *

For each member of your team, sum up all the friends (facebook) and followers (twitter, instagram, etc.) of your personal accounts. If you also have fanpages (facebook) or any organization / cause / business pages, leave that for the next question. If you have none, please put "0".
How many followers do you have on non-personal pages? *

If you (or anyone on your team) have access to Facebook fanpages or twitter accounts under an organization, cause or group, sum them all up and put the number here. If you have none, put "0". Make sure you are taking into consideration pages and accounts that can be used for this campaign.
When your campaign goes live, you should start by reaching out to people directly and privately. How many people do you (and your team) plan to contact in such a way when you get started? *

How much money do you think you could raise from directly contacting people that you know at the start of the campaign? *

Please provide only the numerical value. For example, if your answer is $10,000, please put 10000
How many newsletter subscribers do you have? *

If you (or members of your team) have email lists that you regularly use to send out newsletters, please provide the number of subscribers you have. If you don't have one, please put "0".
How much money were you thinking of trying to raise?

Just out of our own curiosity, how much money were you thinking about trying to raise? (this will not effect the estimate we will provide you). Please provide only the numerical value. For example, if your answer is $10,000, please put 10000
What is your name? *

Where are you located? *

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